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SpradOx available in different formulations

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

If 90% DMSO solution causes skin irritation, consider SpradOx LITE – 70% DMSO + essential oils and MSM.

SpradOx (contains DMSO) found to be effective for muscle sprains

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

After some months of struggling with a hamstring injury which caused me constant pain – even when walking briskly – and severely limited my efforts at physical exercise, I was given some pharmaceutical grade DMSO to try in the form of a product called SpradOx.

It was several weeks before I even bothered to try it, since I was very sceptical, and I was also a little put off by some of the information I found on the internet regarding DMSO. Eventually however, I tried rubbing some in one evening when sitting around at home watching TV. I was amazed that within a few minutes the dull ache that I had been constantly feeling disappeared and I was able to walk about without discomfort. I tried playing squash later that week – something I had stopped for about 6 weeks in an effort to ‘get my leg right’. I used SpradOx just before playing and felt no twinges of pain during the game at all.

Now, some of the information I had read concerning DMSO highlighted its ability to block pain – so I was a bit nervous that I had simply masked the pain, and had done more damage to my hamstring, extending my recovery time even further, and I fully expected to be in excruciating pain once the effects wore off – but that NEVER happened. I am left to theorize that since DMSO carries oxygen into the muscle tissue that it promotes healing. I have not had trouble with my hamstring since.

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