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    precautions before taking strattera: as with all drugs consult your doctor or pharmacists before they prescribe strattera. this is because the drug has been known to cause death to some teens and children who suffered from serious heart condition. you should also discuss with your doctor if you have any adrenal gland tumor also known as pheochromocytoma or glaucoma before he prescribes strattera. strattera may react with some drugs leading to adverse side effect. discuss this with your doctor propecia without prescription. strattera makes you drowsy so you should be careful not to use it while you are driving or operating heavy machinery. stand slowly when you start using strattera as it will make you dizzy. consult with your doctor regularly as you take the drug as it leads to behavioral modification. the effects of strattera on unborn fetus and breastfeeding infants is yet unknown. discuss with your doctor if you plan to get pregnant or if you are pregnant. acomplia no prescription

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