Best teeth whitening – fast and professional service

I had my teeth whitened the other day by CelebritySmile

CelebritySmile is a new, mobile, professional teeth whitening service operating in Auckland New Zealand for about the past 8 months or so.

A friend of mine had mentioned them to me, but I found them by searching for teeth whitening on the internet, and made an online booking. After making the booking, I received a phone call to confirm, and enquire as to my expectations, and whether or not I was looking to improve my appearance for any special occasion.

It turns out I was.

My daughters wedding was fast approaching, and after years of drinking red wine, black coffee and black tea, my teeth were definitely less than perfect. Actually I often found myself resisting a smile due to being self conscious.

James from CelebritySmile recommended a customized package of TWO sessions of 60 minutes each, the first within a week of the phone call, and the second during the week before the wedding – so we were able to reschedule my appointments over the phone. The special package of course included a special discount on the two sessions.

The first session improved my teeth from a shade 12 (yep they were pretty bad) to around a shade 6, so I was pretty happy about that even after the first whitening session! The second session improved from a shade 6 to a shade 2! I am SO pleased with the results!

CelebritySmile teeth whitening was worth every cent I paid! Better still, as an existing customer I am eligible to 6 monthly ‘top up’ sessions for a FRACTION of the price dentists charge for in-chair whitening treatments!

I will definitely be recommending CelebritySmile to all my friends and relatives!

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